Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Stats Preview - Exhibition Games

So after a long week of creating spreadsheets after work, I managed to get everything set up for easy data entry. Here, shortly after the conclusion of Duke/Columbia, are the stats (see links in the handy bar to the right and series of posts below). There are 3 categories - team stats as a whole, team stats by player (i.e., the stats posted by the team while that particular player is on the court), and player stats. All player stats that are percentages are measured only by what happens while that player is on the floor, and ignores the stats posted while he's on the bench.

A couple thoughts about the exhibition numbers (warning, warning, small sample size alert!):

Brian Zoubek is a monster offensive rebounder - he pulled in better than 3 out of every 10 Duke misses all by himself. The team rebounded over half its misses in the 76 possessions he played.
Lance Thomas, turnover machine - Thomas was both exceptional forcing turnovers (9 steals per 100 opponent possessions) and guilty of giving the ball away a lot (7.5 per 100 possessions). His defensive contribution was valuable, but the team posted its lowest O Rating (among the regulars) while he was on the floor.
We have efficient scorers - Zoubek (1.36), Pocius (1.38), McRoberts (1.39), and Scheyer (an unreal 1.62). The wings struggled a little bit, particularly Henderson and McClure.
Marty Pocius, distributor - he assisted a full 1/4 of Duke's made baskets while he was on the court, and posted a nice 8-1 assist-turnover ratio.

Again, not only is this a small sample size, but it's against overmatched opponents. It'll be interesting to see how these numbers change, develop, continue, etc. as the season wears on. I'll post the first regular season update to these after the UNCG game.

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