Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ACC-Big Ten

First, stats - after tonight, stats will be updated through Indiana (although possibly without the Air Force game included - I'm hoping to watch it tonight after the IU game to track the substitutions).

Second, Indiana game preview. Indiana has really struggled on offense so far this season, though their struggles have been the result of two primary problems - lots of turnovers, and poor ball movement. Indiana turns the ball over on well over a quarter of their possessions, and they don't record a lot of assists (only 40% of made baskets). Duke has done a fine job this year forcing turnovers, so look for that to be a key in the game. Of course, on the other shoe, Duke has been dreadful turning the ball over on offense, and IU has also done well forcing turnovers - this could be a TO filled affair. One other stat of note - Indiana's opponents have a 42.2 free throw rate (meaning they shoot 42 free throws for every 100 field goal attempts), and Duke has been good at getting to the stripe. A high conversion rate from the line could be another key to victory.

Third, ACC/BigTeleven in general. Here, in no particular order, and with no particular explanation, are picks: NC State (ok, that doesn't really count), Duke, Georgia Tech (by a lot), Maryland, Miami, Purdue, UNC, Wisconsin, Michigan St, Virginia Tech, Clemson, for a grand total of 8-3 ACC.

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