Monday, November 06, 2006

7 1/2 Month Hiatus Officially Over - Changes in Store

Hi folks - College basketball season starts up once again tomorrow night, which brings yours truly out of hibernation and back into the wonderful world of Blue Devil Hoops. Having left the musings of the off-season to those more qualified (see, e.g., Andy Katz), I return to do some familiar, and not-so familiar, number crunching, game analysis, and general basketball observation. For those who have frequented this blog in the past, the following list of offerings this season will include some changes:

Team tempo-free stats - I don't have the mathematical acumen of a Ken Pomeroy, which basically means I can't make the tricky adjustments based on opponent strength that would make season long tempo-free stats look meaningful (instead, it would essentially make every power conference team look a little better than they really are). Team tempo-free stats will become available a few weeks into the conference season, and like last year they will be conference-games-only stats. As a bonus feature this year, the final six weeks of the season will include snapshots of the other major conferences so you can see how the ACC (and the teams within) stack up.

Player stats - A new feature this year! In what I hope to be a continuing trend, GoDuke's play-by-play wrap-ups of the games are as full and complete as I could ask for, including sub-ins and sub-outs. This enables the following - (1) true rate stats on all major statistics, to include (but not be limited to), percentage of possessions used, percentage of available rebounds collected, and per possession numbers for points, rebounds, steals, blocks, assists, and turnovers; (2) lineup analysis, which will contain performance stats for the team based on which 5 are out on the floor; (3) per game efficiency stats (the tables you saw last year); and (4) others, as they occur/become available to me.

West-Coast Bias! - I have relocated from Charlottesville, VA to Irvine, CA, which means I no longer have to wait until 9pm for the start of a game but that I do have to watch a lot of them via TIVO. Also, I'll be attending several games in the Big West Conference (home of UCI, Fullerton, Long Beach, etc) and will occassionally provide insight on the little guys from the left coast.

Update schedule - The move to the west coast was job related (i.e., I now have a real job), and said job will likely prevent me from updating every day. Early in the season, look for commentary and statistics to come the night of every Duke game, with the possibility of previews appearing the night before. Once '07 hits and there are team tempo-free stats to be had, those will be update every Thursday night and Sunday night (likely long after most of the East Coast has gone to bed.

A preview of the kind of individual analysis will be up tonight, after I have a chance to go over the play-by-plays from NCCU and Shaw.


Luis Villa said...

I wonder if Ken or Big Ten Wonk would share their spreadsheets with you to help your TFS? They seem like nice enough guys. Anyway, look forward to your work! Good luck in Irvine...

Paul Rugani said...

Yeah, I may check with them - the aforesaid analysis of Shaw and NCCU has been delayed while I try to figure out how to best set up my spreadsheets.