Monday, January 30, 2006

What to Watch For - 1/30/06

First and foremost, the tempo free stats are updated. Use the links over on the sidebar and stat yourself silly.
I'm not going to lie, tonight's action is, well, mismatched is a diplomatic way to put it. A whole lot of top of conference opponents are going against a whole lot of bottom of conference opponents. There is one "heavyweight" match though, down in the OVC, as the two conference leaders square off in Murray, Kentucky. Samford handed Murray State its first conference loss of the season in the first meeting between the two at Samford. In a pace the Mid-Majority describes as excruciating, Samford executed exceptionally well on offense, getting 61 points in just 48.4 possessions (and proving the value of tempo free stats - the casual observer would see a 61-50 final score and think, defensive slugfest. Not so! Samford had a 126.1 ORtg, a .682 eFG%, and 1.32 PPWS. But I digress). This has been the MO of the Bulldogs from Birmingham all year - they play the 5th slowest pace in the country, at 57.2 poss/game, but execute extremely well in those possessions, with a 110.2 ORtg that's good for 1st in the conference and 38th in the country. Murray State, by contrast, has been getting it done with defense, sporting a conference leading 98.4 DRtg. Should be a dogfight up in Kentucky tonight. So if you happen to live in an area where this game is being broadcast, watch it. Otherwise, I suggest passing on ESPN's slate (a blowout in the making in Nova-Louisville, and an uninspiring Texas Tech-Kansas matchup), and maybe watch some 24.

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