Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tempo-Free Stats Are Here!

As you will note in the several posts below, and in the link bar to the right, I now have tempo-free stats up for ACC teams. These are team stats only (I don't think I'll make the heroic effort required to do individual stats this season) and as of right now, only reflect games against conference opponents. I may attempt to add tempo-free stats for the full season, but they'll be linked separately - the conference stats are more reflective of a team's true level of play, since they come against generally equal levels of competition. These stats include last night's games. The next update to the stats will come Monday (I have a busy Friday), but then will occur every Friday and Monday for the rest of the season. If anyone has any questions, or wants further statistical explanation, please don't hesitate to let me know. Enjoy!


mph said...

Hey Paul, I followed you here from DBR, so your shameless plug payed off.

I'm from Lynchburg and have a good friend in law school at UVA. I make the trip to Charlottesville often and would love to meet another Duke fan in Wahoo and Hokie country.

Good luck with the site. I'll check back often.

Anonymous said...

Paul, another "shameless plug" follower! Thanks a lot for an exceptional blog. You got bookmarked, man. Great job!!!

Matt Gray '99