Sunday, December 17, 2006

ACC Ballhandling Leaders

Ballhandling stats reflect a player's ability to distribute, hold on to, and take away the basketball. Click here for an explanation of these stats. Minimum 15 minutes per game to qualify. Final stats, conference games only.

Tywon Lawson 34.62
Ishmael Smith 34.44
Javaris Crittenton 30.90
Tyrese Rice 30.31
Jamon Gordon 28.32
Sean Singletary 27.79
Engin Atsur 27.44
Greivis Vasquez 27.33
J.R. Reynolds 25.74
Eric Hayes 25.32
Cliff Hammonds 24.30
Anthony Harris 23.44

Wayne Ellington 3.43
Cliff Hammonds 3.26
Markus Sailes 3.00
Eric Hayes 2.21
Tywon Lawson 2.00
Jamon Gordon 1.83
DJ Strawberry 1.81
Keaton Copeland 1.80
Greivis Vasquez 1.76
Engin Atsur 1.73
Marcus Ginyard 1.64
Tyrese Rice 1.60

Javaris Crittenton 6.53
Ishmael Smith 6.33
Ra'Sean Dickey 6.22
Brandon Costner 5.85
Gavin Grant 5.74
Sean Singletary 5.66
Tywon Lawson 5.59
Anthony Harris 5.51
J.R. Reynolds 5.40
Trevor Booker 5.29
Greg Paulus 5.24
Tyrese Rice 5.21

Jamon Gordon 4.45
Mario West 4.15
Sam Perry 4.11
Keaton Copeland 3.87
Zabian Dowdell 3.85
Javaris Crittenton 3.71
Jeremis Smith 3.59
James Mays 3.45
Vernon Hamilton 3.38
Marcus Ginyard 2.93
Brian Asbury 2.84
Tywon Lawson 2.81


Anonymous said...

What do you think about Ish Smith? He seems good in some ways and horrible in others in terms of ballhandling. I am not talking about his shooting or FT%, both of which are beyond pathetic.

Paul Rugani said...

I think he's got great potential. He had a tough job this year, as a freshman point guard trying to direct a very young team that was simply not very good.

I love the constant motion, and if not for Lawson, he'd be the quickest point guard in the ACC. I think his handling at this point is much more reliable than his decision-making - he made some atrocious choices with the ball this year, and I think he thinks he can do more sometimes than he actually can. As he gets more experience (and I think especially as his teammates get more experience), he'll improve on this, and his passing and handling will be a big asset to Wake for the next three years.

His shooting, on the other hand ... the words "worst in the ACC" come to mind.