Monday, February 20, 2006

Duke 92, Miami 71 cont.

This was, obviously, a very good offensive night for Duke. The offense was very efficient, especially when they didn't turn the ball over, posting a 1.38 PPWS. Both Redick and McRoberts were north of 1.70 PPWS on their own - Redick because he shot so well from 3 (6 of 9) and McRoberts because he was successful in getting to and converting from the free throw line (9 of 11). I think my personal favorite part of this one (aside from Redick setting the scoring record) was the contribution of DeMarcus Nelson. His shot is vastly improved from last year, and he doesn't hesitate to take it when he has an open look (something Dockery still has a bit of a problem with). He played a really valuable role for us on offense when both Paulus and Dock got in a little bit of foul trouble at various points during the game. When his quickness comes back to full speed, he should really be dangerous. I hope he was taking notes from the Miami guards on shooting runners and floaters from 6 to 10 feet, rather than driving directly into the post players - if DeMarcus has any of that game in him, look out. With the exception of a couple spurts early in both halves, the defense played better, too. Duke will always be vulnerable to a team with a good mid-range game like Miami, and the fact that they were held below 1 PPP is a good sign.

Conference tempo free stats have been updated over in the links to the right (as the writer of the CAA blog says, on the George Bush side of the page). Enjoy.

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