Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Of Break-ins and Basketball

So my house got broken into yesterday while I was at work, and while the filthy little punk who did it managed to leave most of my things behind, I am no longer in the possession of my personal laptop. This obviously sucks for me, but it especially sucks for purposes of this site, because it means that I no longer have any of my handy-dandy statistical information. Thanks to having the work computer, I can still post, but don't expect much in the way of numbers. And expect increased sarcasm and bitterness.

As an aside, whoever broke into my house is a complete idiot. He (or she) walked into a room filled with sports memorabilia - signed baseballs, basketballs, and pictures - and took nothing but two pairs of leather gloves. He (or she) opened up my roommate's backpack, saw his laptop, camera, and iPod, and took none of it! And yet for some reason the little robber decided to grab my cell phone charger, of all things. Being robbed is one thing; being robbed by a moron is out and out depressing.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for the loss, hassle, etc. We enjoy your insights, even without stats (and I'm Heels fan).