Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of communication, but I've been having internet issues at home, and been working 12-14 hours a day for the past week, so I've lacked both the time and the ability to get things updated. I'm hopeful that both of these situations will be resolved soon (although I'm much more optimistic about the internet) and that I'll get back to posting on a semi-regular basis. ACC conference play team previews are coming soon.

For tonight, you can read my thoughts on Pitt a couple posts down. In short, Fields will be tough to contain, Blair is a load down low, and they play disciplined offense. Their defense is not up to Pitt teams of old, particularly around the perimeter, and their guards can be a little on the small side, so Duke should have a perimeter size advantage (or at least height advantage, particularly if you don't give Ronald Ramon height credit for his 'fro). I'm hopeful that we can bring home another win tonight in Cameron North.

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