Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brief Catchup

Another year of the ACC/Big Televen challenge, another win for the ACC (by the way, thumbs up to last night's Maryland fans for chanting "ACC, ACC" at Illinois as the game was being put away). I wonder if the Big 10 is ever going to get tired of losing and back out of the challenge (or if the ACC would look elsewhere, like the SEC, to play). Several ACC teams - Duke, Virginia, BC, FSU - looked impressive, and it shows that even in a "down" year, there aren't going to be any games off this year in conference play (well, maybe Virginia Tech).

I'll put up the HD Box from the Wisconsin game tonight, as well as update the Duke stats, lineup stats, and reintroduce the ACC leaderboards. Sorry it wasn't up earlier, but I've been busy with my actual job (believe me, I wish that blogging about college basketball was my actual job, but no such luck). Stats and wrap-ups may be a little slower coming this season than in years past, but I'll do my best to stay current.

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